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Welcome to Atlas Physical Therapy

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ATLAS Physical Therapy for fast recovery

Atlas Physical Therapy offers the friendliest care from doctorate trained physical therapists in Denver, CO.

We're confident that we can get you back in action FAST!  How can we make that claim?  For over the last 3 years Atlas Physical Therapy has been part of an ongoing survey that compares the results (outcomes) of physical therapy clinics nationwide.  We are proud to be consistently ranked amongst the best physical therapy clinics across the nation with 90th percentile or better results. 

So when we say “We’re Good!” we really have the data to back it up!  Not only are our results superior to our competitors, but we achieve these results in fewer visits, which means savings for you

Our staff, doctors, and therapists are friendly, compassionate, listen to your needs, and help in every way to make your experience a postive one so you can heal quickly, and stay healthy longer.

The "Atlas Physical Therapy Advantage"
We are easy to work with, and convenient for your needs:

  • 3 Denver locations – Uptown, Stapleton and Downtown
  • Extended hours
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • We accept most insurances
  • Parking is free and convenient (Uptown and Stapleton only)

Simply the Best Physical Therapy Clinics in Denver, CO

Atlas Physical Therapy in Denver, CO offers three conveniently located clinics staffed by doctoral level trained and certified physical therapists to offer you excellence in care.

Specializing in knee pain, back pain and neck pain, bulging discs, rotator cuff injuries, knee replacement therapy, motor vehicle accident injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation, we pride ourselves on exceeding our patient’s expectations. We are consistently ranked in the top 10 nationwide physical therapy providers in the United States according to Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO Inc.). Our efforts towards excellence prompted us to create clinics in Uptown and Downtown Denver as well as Stapleton and has allowed us to become distinguished providers of physical therapy in Denver, CO.

Call us for a consultation or to book an appointment at 303-832-3700 or Contact Us via email.

We know our patients have busy lives and we do our best to accommodate your schedule by offering extended hours and appointments within 24 hours of your call. We also accept most major insurances.

Top 10 physical therapists in Denver, CO
Alex Lanton's Atlas Physical Therapy Practice in Stapleton Denver has been awarded as one of the top Physical Therapy practices in Denver, 2015.
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Blog Posts

Adverse effects of prolonged Anti-inflammatory use

Adverse effects of prolonged Anti-inflammatory use Most of us at some point in our lives have taken anti-inflammatories (i.e. ibuprofen, alleve, motrin) to help with minor aches or pains. Due to the fact that these medications are available over the counter, the risks of taking these medications for prolonged periods can be over looked. A recent meta analysis in the British Medical Journal looked at over 400,000 patients that had used anti-inflammatories on a prolonged basis (up to one month)....
Posted on 2017-08-15

Physical therapy instead of opiates for low back pain

Recently the American Physical Therapy Association released an article to use Physical Therapy for low back pain as opposed to opiate prescriptions. Canadian doctors are being given treatment guidelines to use non drug treatments for low back pain. They are advocating for the use of physical therapy to improve low back pain, decreasing addiction and helping with tapering down of opioid use.   Here at Atlas at least 40-50% of our patients have some type of pain related to the low back. Trea...
Posted on 2017-05-24

The link between low back pain and pelvic pain

Do you have low back pain that limits your ability to live your life like you want to? At least 70-80% of the population will have an episode of low back pain in their lifetime and a Physical Therapist is an excellent practitioner to treat your low back. Did you know that many of those same people with low back pain also have pelvic pain? Individuals with low back pain have a significant decrease in pelvic floor function. Physical Therapists trained in treating pelvic health conditions are gr...
Posted on 2017-05-08

3 Convenient Locations - Uptown, Stapleton and Downtown

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