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Missed our webinar on shoulder pain and the rotator cuff? Not to fear! link posted below Dr. Lukas Mehling, PT, DPT, OCS led a webinar last week on shoulder pain and the rotator cuff. All 3 locations are currently acceping patients in clinic and telehealth. Check out the link below! Access Password: 7W*v!Q8+
Posted on 2020-06-03
During the coronavirus crisis our patients who are healthcare workers have been busier than ever, putting in lots of extra hours at work to help support patients and manage the pandemic. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and it should not have to mean that their own health becomes less important. With long hours and stressful days these patients are having increases in their pain and decreased time to do their Physical Therapy. We have been able to manage these patients via telehealth with...
Posted on 2020-03-27
Personal Training Hello everyone! My name is Noah Thompson and I am a Personal Trainer here at Atlas Physical Therapy - Downtown. With the New Year officially over it is time to get serious with your workouts. Time to get in shape and get your body right for 2020 and beyond! After finishing your rehabilitation with our physical therapists, personal training can be the next step in return to full exercise. That is what I am here to do,  to help you achieve those goals you have for thi...
Posted on 2020-03-04
Most people know that core strength is important for spine health, but have you heard of your multifidi muscle group? The multifidi are small muscles that attach each vertebrae to the next and stabilize the spine. When rehabbing from a back injury this muscle group is essential for improving function and decreasing pain. Here is an exercise to help activate/strengthen your multifidi.  The exercise is called Bird Dogs. For this exercise we want to start out on the floor on your hands an...
Posted on 2020-01-07
Utilizing early Physical Therapy for low back pain Low back pain affects more than 28, advanced imaging by 27.9.  Several studies have also found a direct correlation between the time of initiation and outcomes, with those who start PT within 3 days of onset having the best outcomes and lowest related health care costs. At Atlas Physical Therapy, our therapists are specially trained to treat all types of low back pain. With direct access patients can come directly to a PT without a...
Posted on 2019-11-04
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