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Atlas Physical Therapy in Central Park (previously known as ‘Stapleton’)

3401 Quebec St #5005
Denver, CO, 80207
Phone 303.322.4900
Fax 303.322.4909

Located at the southwest corner of 35th and Quebec, our Central Park clinic is in the prime spot to provide top notch physical therapy services to the Central Park, Stapleton, Park Hill, Lowry, Green Valley Ranch and Aurora areas.

Directed and co-owned by Alex Lanton, the Central Park clinic has developed a reputation for excellence in the community. Atlas is an amazing resource to help you get into care and get better quickly! Our therapists at Central Park understand the needs of the community and are involved with local club sports, running clubs, yoga and crossfit gyms. Atlas Central Park has a therapist that specializes in anything you or your family needs to help you excel in your recovery.

Please note that Stapleton is now being called ‘Central Park’.

At 3401 Quebec St, Suite 5005, Denver Colorado 80207, the Central Park clinic is on the 5th floor of the 34Q building, located right next door to the Denver East Holiday Inn. Atlas Physical Therapy Central Park offers flexible hours before and after work and there's ample parking both in front of the building and in the underground parking garage, all free.


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We are open! Masks Are Mandatory for All Patients.