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If I could give Atlas Physical Therapy 6 stars I would.  Alex has treated me for years for various musculoskeletal conditions-- he even helped me with vertigo!  My husband went there for rotator cuff after surgery and improved quickly.  All the  people I refer to him rave about how great he is and how fast they improve.   He is just knows what needs to be done to fix the issues. Angela is his assistant-and is very helpful.  I have had doctors suggest other Physical therapists and I've tried them.  I always return to Alex because he is the best PT in Denver!  His office is about 10-15 minutes from the Highlands or Downtown Denver; 30 minutes from Highlands Ranch/Douglas County.  Atlas Physical Therapy has great hours- Monday-Friday.  Trust me-- just call today and make an appointment.  You'll be better in no time.  - JS

I hurt my lower back in August 2013 while using bad form with deadlifts. Two months later, having not recovered on my own time, I decided to go to a physical therapist. I chose Atlas PT based on excellent Yelp and Google reviews. Over the course of two months, every other week, Lukas Mehling helped me to completely recover. I no longer have lower back pain and I recommend using Atlas Physical Therapy. I am now back to being able to lift heavier weights and I make sure to use good form on all exercises and to keep up on core strengthening exercises so that I don't have to deal with an injury again.   -  NP

I first saw Alex last year after pulling a calf muscle and he helped me get back on my bike quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, this spring I was hit by a car while riding my bike, and had to have surgery to fix a broken bone in my shoulder. When my orthopedic surgeon told me to get PT to recover after the bone healed my only stop was Atlas on Quebec. Alex is friendly and caring. Just spend a few minutes in the clinic and you'll hear him checking in with patients about everything from their weekend, to travels, to catching up, as he did with me, from where we'd left off nearly a year ago. He's so good the staff is expanding, and they're all good, too.

He helps strengthen and rehabilitate you, while leaving you feeling like he's really invested in your recovery. They're always willing to send you your PT activities to followup at home by email or print them out or both. And even to help you deal with things that are bothering you, but weren't part of your original reason for coming. And apparently my insurance covers PT with just a copay without even needing a referral, so yours might, too.

I don't know how old Alex is, but he's probably about the same age as me, and you can be sure I'll be coming to Atlas on Quebec anytime I need PT as long as they're open. If you want to be performing at the top of your game, this is the place to go to get back in the game.  - EB


I've been to PT a lot mostly due to chronic ankle sprains from lifelong soccer activity at a high level. I'd rather not be such an experienced patient, but it does give me the ability to identify quality care and Atlas PT provides exactly that. I worked with Jamie Bovay on an initially frustrating nerve issue in my heel. The best compliment I can pay him is that he has the experience, knowledge, and humility a provider needs to frequently re-assess the diagnosis and treatment plan. Having myself been a provider of a different discipline in the past, I can tell you that these characteristics are essential to executing good care.

The wait time was minimal (if any), the care was 1:1, and my initial issue is now resolved. Great clinic.  - TM


I have been going to Atlas for the last several months and working with Luke. He, his assistant Mike, and the wonderful other staff members, including Bobbie, have been so professional and kind. They have helped me immensely with my injury, from exercises to dry needle therapy. I am immensely grateful for their services and highly recommend them.  -  LF


I worked with Karl and Jamie here. They are incredible. I had an assortment of problems from a concussion I suffered in a car accident: back and neck problems and headaches mostly. The exercises Karl gave me got me stronger and started relief of my symptoms. The joint massage, dry needle work, and pin-pointed joint re-alignment (e.g. cracking) from Jamie was revelatory. I felt better almost immediately. These people are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and their expertise will help put you on the path to recovery quickly. - AL


I had an incredible experience.  I had a swollen knee for several months and my regular primary care physician could not diagnose.  Karl was able to determine my knee cap was being pulled toward my IT band on the first visit.  He taped it into place and my knee felt 99 percent better the next day.  I am very grateful and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great physical therapist that knows what he is doing :) - LL

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