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Attitude affects your recovery

People Having Fun in Public ParkAttitude affects your recovery

Many patients come into physical therapy expecting lots of pain and frustration. However, with most conditions and diagnoses physical therapy should have minimal pain and the patient leaves feeling better after each session. Despite this, many patients end up frustrated with the process of recovering from injury or surgery. It is important to remember that all pain is determined by your brain’s ability to perceive it. Regardless of your level of pain, having a positive attitude will improve your pain levels and your recovery experience.

Often writing down your progress weekly will help a patient keep their real life gains concrete and give positive re-enforcement. Encouraging your support cycle of friends and family to be involved in the rehabilitative process helps improve overall outcomes. There is evidence to support having a positive attitude can help improve outcomes and your recovery process as a whole.

Atlas Physical Therapy excels at making your tough road to recovery as fun and painless (mentally and physically) as possible. The therapists won’t overload you with lot’s of exercises that you don’t have time for but incorporate a program that works for your life whether it be 5 or 50 min daily.