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Avoiding spring time injuries

Woman squatting down planting flower in garden

The weather is getting warmer around the Denver area and that means it is time to get outside and do fun things! This could be working in the garden, biking riding, hiking, or just getting back into a exercise routine.

Spring is one of the busier times at Atlas Physical Therapy because individuals are getting more active. But at the same time increasing activity needs to be ramped up appropriately because this is how you can put yourself at an increased risk of injuries.

Below are a few tips to help keep you healthy and active this spring.

    1. Use your legs: when you are working in the garden practice deep squatting while you keep your back straight. Avoid bending over with the knees straight, and especially avoid bending at the waist and picking up heavy things. Back injuries are very common working in the garden
    2. Limit exercise to every other day: Injuries in the gym are most common when the muscles are overworked and don’t have adequate time to recover. Muscles typically need 48-72 hours of rest to help repair themselves after a big workout.
    3. Stretch!: The more flexible muscles are the more able they are to move with you and therefore the less likely they are to get strain or pulled.
    4. Listen to your body:

If injuries do occur, talk to your friendly Atlas Physical Therapist to help you get back on track