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Choosing Your Physical Therapist

The choice you make when deciding on your physical therapist is one of the most important you make in your rehabilitation process. Many people just ask their doctor whom they recommend and go there. Although this is a fine choice, you should always be an informed healthcare consumer and do your research. Healthcare is a customer service industry and you should go somewhere you enjoy and where you will have a good experience. Do your research, most therapists are now doctorate level trained and have an increased knowledge base to help get you better faster. Some therapists have a specialist certification, a distinction less than 2% of therapists possess.

There are many internet based review sites for therapists as well. You like to use Yelp when you go out to eat, why not for your therapist? Take a trip to check out the clinic before you go in, make sure you feel comfortable and happy there. You will be spending some time in the office. Educate yourself when choosing a therapist, you will be happier in the long run. Check Atlas Physical Therapy out, see if we are a good fit for you.