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Ergonomics and Physical Therapy

Many people don’t know that physical therapists are ergonomic specialists. Ergonomics is the ability to fit the workplace to the worker rather than cramming the worker into the workplace. The average American spends forty-five hours of their week 2,250 hours per year in their workplace. It is integral to your physical well-being to be in correct posture and movement patterns in your workstation. Physical Therapists are the prefect medical professional to help you find the best adaptation to your workstation to decrease pain and improve quality of life.

Typically PTs see patients once they are already injured and try to adapt their work station to the patient’s injury as opposed to preventing injury by changing the patient’s work station. PTs can aide patients in making seemingly minor changes in the workplace that results in vast decreases in pain. Atlas Physical Therapy specializes in integrating ergonomics into your care. Talking to a physical therapist early will help prevent repetitive use injuries and keep you out of our office. Contact your physical therapist to help prevent injuries at the workplace today.