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Exercises for general health: upper body

Exercises that are good for everyone!

Part 1: Upper Body

People are always asking what are good exercises for general health, strength and flexibility as well as the prevention of injuries.  The exercises listed below are an excellent starting point for just about anyone.  If you have a serious injury though it would be best to talk to your doctor or physical therapist before beginning a regular exercise program.

These upper body exercises all help with cervical, thoracic and shoulder pain as well as improving your posture.

Chin Tucks: Keeping your head against a wall or the bed bring your chin back towards your throat creating a double chin

This exercise works the stabilizing muscles of your neck.  

Upper Trapezius Stretch: Using one hand on your head pull your ear towards your shoulder to stretch along the side of the opposite side of the neck. (left picture)


Levator Scapulae Stretch: Using one hand on your head pull your nose towards to armpit to stretch along the back of the opposite side of the neck (right picture)

These exercises stretch muscles that tend to always be in tension or “stressed.”  

Rows: Using a band or cable column machine weights with elbows bent at 90 degrees at your sides.  Pull your elbows back while pinching your shoulder blades together in the back.

This exercise strengthens your postural muscles.