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Foam rolling for muscle health

Free Deep Tissue Massages for LIFE!

Yes, you heard it here first! Free deep tissue massages for life. Who is to thank for

this? Why, your foam roller of course! We know that foam rolling is the bane of

some of your existences, however it is a critical part of the healing process and

maintenance of muscles.

So what does foam rolling really do? (Aside for make you cry!)

The quick answer is that it massages your muscles. Using your body weight against

the roller, your muscles get a deep tissue massage, which allows for myofacial

release. Each muscle is surrounded in fascia, which is a fibrous connective tissue.

Fasica is continuously being laid down in your body, and how you move effects that

pattern. Injury, poor biomechanics, and overuse can cause scar tissue to build up

and knots to form. When this happens, our muscles range of motion is decreased as

inflammation and muscle pain is increased. Foam rolling allows for normal

bloodflow to return to the muscle to help aid in the healing process. It also will

break up that scar tissue and knots that have been formed which will lead to an

increase in mobility and lengthening of that muscle.

When you are foam rolling, it is temping to roll quickly over the really tender spots.

Instead, roll slowly (they say about one inch of your muscle/second). Once an

especially tender spot is found, pause on it for 5-30 seconds. This should be enough

time for the knot to be released. The act of foam rolling is very uncomfortable, to put

it lightly, however after a foam roll session, you will feel less sore, more limber and

flexible. No pain, No Gain right?!

Your foam roller is like that annoying friend everyone has, that is always right. Foam

rolling is a great tool to use not only after a workout, but as a warm up as well. (I

saw that eye roll!) As stated before, rolling will increase blood flow to the muscles,

and release tightness so that you are ready to start your workout in the best form as

possible. Try to spend 5-10 minutes rolling out before your dynamic-warm up next

time you run. Your muscles will be warm, loose and ready to go.

After your workout, and cool down, the foam roller is great way to say thanks to

your hardworking sore muscles. Rolling will release metabolic waste that has build

up during exercise, such as lactic acid in the muscles. The increased blood flow and

myofacial release, will give your muscles that deep tissue massage they so badly

need after working so hard. You will feel less sore and tight afterwards.

Grab your foam roller out from under the bed, everyone! Below are a few examples

of how to roll out some of the major muscle groups.