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Know pain, Know gain

Close up physical therapist with patientKnow Pain, Know Gain

It is estimated that 126.1 million people will experience pain in the next three months. Sometimes pain is a good indicator that something is wrong. When you touch a hot stove, you want pain to tell you to “move your hand!”. When you step on a nail, pain sends a signal to your brain that makes you move your foot off the nail. Pain is a normal experience and is important to have some pain in order for our body to communicate with our brain. However, when pain exceeds the normal healing time, or does not subside in an appropriate manner, you may need a trained professional to help reduce and manage your pain. Whether you have had chronic low back pain or an acute episode of shoulder pain, our physical therapy staff is trained at working with you to reduce your symptoms. Physical therapy may include gradual strengthening or stretching exercises, aerobic conditioning, and education on positive behavior changes. At Atlas PT we provide manual therapy treatments, including joint manipulation/mobilization, dry needling, and therapeutic massage.  It is also important for a physical therapist to educate and discuss the painful condition with you. Studies have shown that simply understanding why you are having pain can significantly decrease the fear it produces and can help you overcome the symptoms. If you have questions please call the clinic to talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists.

Know Pain, Know Gain, by Adriaan Louw