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Physical Therapy and Personal Training

Personal Trainer SessionIt is not uncommon for patients to ask us about personal training.  Should I stop with my personal trainer,  Should I get a personal trainer,  when can I return to my personal trainer, are all common questions.  We may have you hold off on personal training, but will likely encourage you to continue with your personal trainer when you are ready.  Many PT’s, including myself, became interested in physical therapy while doing personal training and should have a good idea of the value a personal trainer can bring.  Personal trainers can help to keep an eye on you with exercises and give you safe progressions when the time is right.  Our goal is to always get you back to 100% and meet your goals, but if you can’t follow through with therapy due to insurance or moving, personal trainers can bridge a gap during the transition between therapy and returning to difficult workouts.  If you would like to use a personal trainer, but are not sure if it is appropriate then please ask.  If you want recommendations on starting with a good personal trainer we will likely have some suggestions depending on where you live.

Jamie Bovay, PT, DPT, MTC, CSCS