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Physical Therapy for pain

The sooner the better!

Most people have experienced some degree of muscle or joint pain during their lifetime. During these episodes of pain the most common treatment is rest. Usually after a few days or weeks the pain slowly fades away and the individual goes back to what they were doing before. But what if the pain does not go away….Here are a few things to consider.

1. Direct Access - Most states, Colorado included, have direct access for physical therapy. What does this mean? Now that most physical therapist are doctorate level trained, they are able to accurately diagnose and treat a patient without the need of a medical doctors referral. This allows patients to obtain access to physical therapy a lot faster and easier, therefore speeding up recovery.

2. The faster pain is addressed the faster its resolves - When an injury is left untreated for an extended period of time more damage can occur to the tissues. When the body recognizes there is pain in a specific area it starts to “cheat” or compensate to avoid the pain. As an individual continues to avoid the pain it can bring on other issues or dysfunction caused by improper mechanics. These compensations can pile up which takes more time in therapy to correct the underlying condition.

When pain hits call your friendly Atlas Physical Therapist to get you back on track!