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Pregnancy related low back pain

Pregnant woman with back pain

In a recent physical therapy article, it is estimated that between 25- 90% of women will experience low back pain during or after their pregnancy. With the growing baby, a woman’s body goes through many changes to accommodate this over the nine month period. Most women think that low back pain is inevitable, but there are many ways to manage and reduce pain through physical therapy. You do NOT have to deal with high levels of pain during your pregnancy:

Basic management for low back pain can include:

  • Exercising e.g. pacing, swimming

  • Back support while sitting e.g. pillow

  • Use of footstool

  • Rest at midday

  • Avoidance of prolonged sitting

Basic management for pelvic girdle pain:

  • Minimize activities that exacerbate pain, e.g. climbing stairs

  • Rest during episodes of pain

  • Use of sacral belt

  • Modify sitting to avoid overflexion of hips and spine

  • Support legs when lying e.g. pillow

If you are still experiencing pain, seek out the professional care from our physical therapists to reduce your symptoms. We can help you during this very exciting time!

Brianna Wahl, PT, DPT, OCS