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Recovery after exercise

What is the Best Way to Recover after Exercise?

This is a question physical therapists get asked frequently. The answer, as most things in medicine, it depends on your own body and what you need. However, there are many things that are helpful for the general population.


Do it! Despite what you may have read for most activities that aren’t short and fast (think 100 meter dash) stretching is helpful. Staying flexible helps prevent injuries and keep muscles extensible (stretchy) to allow them to work to their maximum potential.


Do it! Rolling isn’t the end all be all that people advertise it as but it is helpful. Rolling helps break up adhesions that can form with prolonged positons, repeated trauma, etc. If there is any active pathology check with your healthcare provider to make sure it is appropriate for you.  

Eat Well:

This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. Your body needs quality fuel to perform at its best. People often carbload, eat well before a big workout but having the right fuel for recovery is perhaps more important. Remember, your body builds muscle by breaking apart muscle and building up, you need for fuel for this.

Epson Salt Baths:

Up to you. If they help you feel better and decrease tightness then continue. If they don’t make you feel any better no need to spend the time.

See your healthcare and wellness professionals regularly. You don’t need to wait until your pain is so bad you can’t run to see your Physical Therapist. Coming in for a “tune-up” as needed keeps you moving and able to exercise and train at peak performance.