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Running Workouts

Running injuries are common (up to 50% of runners per year depending on what you read) and we often get questions on how to decrease the chances of getting an injury.   I have treated hundreds of runners over the years and they almost always have weak hips.  I have only ever had 3 runners with strong hip muscles.  Three!  How would runners have weak hips you ask?  Well we are specifically talking about the gluteus medius muscle that most runners neglect.  This muscle prevents your knee from rolling in toward the other knee which sets off a cascade of biomechanical changes.  Strengthening the gluteus medius muscle has been linked with recovery and even injury prevention from most lower extremity running injuries.  So what are gluteus medius exercises?

These are some beginner exercises that you can check out on our video section along with some suggested reps and sets

Clams (3×15 each leg)

Side lying hip abd (3×15 each leg)

Sidestepping (3x 100’ back and forth)

Prolonged Standing Hip Abd  (3x30s each)

Hopefully this can keep you from getting hurt next time you are running along Cherry Creek.  Trail running is a different beast.  Check out our  post on trail running for further advise, which will be coming soon.

Jamie Bovay, DPT, CSCS