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Sedentary Lifestyle

Our Sedentary Lifestyle (and what to do about it)A recent study came out saying a sedentary lifestyle is more detrimental to our health than smoking (reference).  Research shows that each your you spend watching TV per day increases your risk of cardiovascular disease by 18%! ( That’s a huge number!  This is a terrifying concept as the vast majority of us in the United States have a sitting job that spends approximately 1/3 of our adult lives sitting.  So, what can we do about it?  In a perfect world, we would get outside and run/play/work out for an hour a day and all be healthy and have normal bodyweight.  However, as all our lives aren’t in Pleasantville, life tends to make this time commitment for many of us.  So what to do, that fits in with our busy city schedules.

The first and easiest changes to make are to one’s workstation.  If you have a company that will provide a standing desk, do it!  Simply engaging the leg and core muscles throughout the day is extraordinarily helpful.  If not, consider sitting on a ball (before you have back pain).  Beyond the workstation changes, you could change routines throughout your day.  Each time you get up for a cup of coffee take laps around the office.  Add regular walking into your routine.  Research shows walking is the most effective treatment for low back pain (  If are having pain with sitting or just need advice on how to get active contact a physical therapist at Atlas PT today.