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Ski Season is Coming

Ski Season is Upon Us

With our wet summer and the moisture continuing to trend towards a big snow year it is more important than ever to have your legs and body ready for ski season.  Physical therapists see an increase in knee injuries when big snow comes early and people aren’t ready.  These work outs will help you be prepared for ski season and have the ability to ski at a higher level than before.  The muscles that need to be strong for skiing include the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and medius.  Some of the exercises are standard, wall sits and lunges but there are also some new ones that will help increase performance.

  1. Wall Sits 1’
  2. Walking Lunges 50 feet
  3. Speed Skaters x15- speed skating motion with single leg squat
  4. Pistol Squats x15- sitting back into a single leg squat
  5. Standing Side Leg Raises x30- keeping leg high to the side
  6. Single Leg Bridge x30

Repeat this series three times, three times per week.  If you are having pain or problems do not hesitate to contact Atlas Physical Therapy today.

Attached is a copy of the workout created through HEP2go©.