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Snow shoveling

El Nino is coming and every skier and snowboarder is telling us this will be an epic year for snowfall.  Hopefully they are right so we can enjoy all the mountains have to offer.  With all of that snow coming you will also have to shovel your walkways and driveways.  Every year we treat people who have hurt themselves from snow shoveling and the majority of these injuries are preventable.  Below are some tips to minimize your risk with shoveling.

  1. Square up: Find good footing and have your shoulders and hips directly facing the snow.  Try to avoid twisting with your torso.
  2. Use your Knees: Bend down with your knees and use your legs to lift the snow.  
  3. Push the snow instead:  If possible you can push the snow to the side and avoid lifting all together.
  4. Lift the weight close to your body:  Try to keep the snow and shovel close to your body.  This will minimize the load on your back.
  5. Keep your back straight:  Try not to bend over with your back or lift any weight from a forward flexed position.

Shoveling snow is an unpleasant task, but it should not be a painful task.  Be safe while shoveling and enjoy the winter.