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Snowboard training

I know summer is just ending, but winter is just around the corner.  In order to get in shape and minimize risk for snowboarding this winter, you need several weeks to get conditioned.  There are a large amount of injuries early in the season before people are conditioned and when the snow conditions are not their best.  We have listed a short very general program below for strengthening and conditioning for snowboarding that can minimize your risk for injury.  Before you get to the back bowls of Vail or hike up that pass for some backcountry turns get your body ready so you can maximize your snow time. The strengthening component of this program should be performed every other day.  The warm up and conditioning portion can be performed as much as every day.  This program is not to be performed if you have had anything more than a minor injury and this program should not be substituted for medical advice.  If you have had an injury you will likely need a more specific program. If you have had an injury and would like a more specific program please let us know.

Warm up: Quick squats x 30s  High Knees x 30s  Butt Kicks x 30s


Wall sits 3x 1 minute

Deep Squats 3x20 (add light weights if you can maintain good form)

Long Lunges 3x20 (add light weights if you can maintain good form)

Heel Raises 3x20 (add light weights if you can maintain good form)

Cross crunches 3x 25Bicycles (lying on your back)


Jogging 15 min uphill  (vary incline to make program harder)

Stairs or stairmaster 15 min

other cross training that focuses on the lower extremity can be substituted.