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The Reason Your Injury Might Not Be Healing

An injury can be one of the most challenging experiences of our lives. It is a true test of our limits around tolerance, surrender, frustration, and pain. Injuries take more than a physical toll because they weigh on our psyche, sometimes more than we are willing to admit.

When dealing with an injury, we may be making things harder for ourselves than they need to be. An injury will test us and the experience of it can be painful. Pain is inevitable. However, misery is a choice.

If you find yourself agonizing over your injury, those feelings stem from a resistance to what “is.” We create misery when we spend our energy wishing things were different. Think about it…how much time, energy, and mental space do you expend wishing you weren’t injured and/or angry that it happened in the first place? How exhausting is this to you? What if you were able to shift your energy and put it towards your healing rather than your misery? It is possible and the power to do so lies completely within you.

As frustrating as an injury might be, resistance to it hinders rather that helps healing. Your body can heal but it’s important to quiet the negative voice in your head that laments about your situation, while countering that voice with proactive beliefs about healing. The problem is never the problem we think it is. The problem is our attitude about the problem. Shift your thoughts and you can create a mindset that helps to heal your injury.

If you are interested in learning how to develop a mindset that supports your injury recovery, I invite you to join my complimentary workshop, Developing a Healing Mindset. This free workshop will take place on Saturday, May 2nd, at Atlas Physical Therapy’s Uptown location from 2-4pm. For further details on this event or to register, please click here.