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Tips for tennis players

tennis player with racket and tennis ballWe have a lot of patients who are tennis players or are interested in getting into the sport! Tennis is a great sport to play both casually and competitively at all ages. Whether you’re just getting into it for the first time or you’re an expert, here are three basics to focus on when you hit the court!

  • Footwork! Small adjustment steps are necessary to get in good position to hit the ball.

A couple exercises to do to help you stay light on your feet:

    • Cone and ladder drills – endless possibilities with these two. The cones and ladder can be set up in a circuit and you can run through different footwork patterns each time.

    • Quick change of direction – whether this is sidestepping between two cones or running forward and backwards, it’s important to practice that explosive first step!

  • Control is the goal!

    • You shouldn’t always be trying to hit the ball as hard as you can!

      • Maintain a light grip on the racquet handle (a tight grip can lead to tennis elbow!)

    • Start with mini tennis a rally that is service line to service line, using half of the court length wise.

    • Full, but slow swings

    • The ball should bounce in front of your partner, meaning in front of the service line!

  • Repetition: hit a lot of balls, but practice good habits!

    • Keep in mind that your basic strokes, forehand and backhand, are full body motions.

    • Shoulder turn, low to high, trunk rotation with follow through – try not to muscle the ball with just your arm!


      Stay safe and think of your friendly Atlas Physical Therapist if any aches or pains arise while playing!