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Too busy to get to physical therapy? Try Telehealth!

Telehealth on a smartphoneDuring the coronavirus crisis our patients who are healthcare workers have been busier than ever, putting in lots of extra hours at work to help support patients and manage the pandemic. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and it should not have to mean that their own health becomes less important. With long hours and stressful days these patients are having increases in their pain and decreased time to do their Physical Therapy. We have been able to manage these patients via telehealth with great success. These visits are done in the comfort of their home and eliminates any time driving to and from the clinic. In their lives right now every minute counts, so saving a little bit of time is a hug help. We are able to provide these patients with ways to manage their pain throughout their busy days. It is a convenient way to continue their care so that they can continue the very important work that they are doing.

Telehealth for older people

Navigating new technology can be a daunting thought for many people, particularly patients who are older. With the ever changing world of health care and recent events surrounding the coronavirus it is becoming more and more imperative that telehealth options are available and easy to use. In introducing my older patients to the world of telemedicine I have found it much easier for them to use than they may have thought. Patients have found that it is just as easy as FaceTiming with their grandchildren. They are sent a link and simply need to click on it to begin the visit. We then have a face to face interaction from the comfort of their home. I am able to provide and demonstrate exercises and self treatments that allow them to stay home and still make progress with their recovery.

I love PT! But I'm skeptical about trying it online.

Many people are unsure of the benefits of telemedicine. Many people think that without the hands on portion of a Physical Therapy visit that they will not see results. However evidence suggests that the most important part of a physical therapy visit is the exercise especially when the patient does the exercise regularly at home.

Through a telehealth visit we can assess and evaluate quality of movement and limitations, provide self manual techniques, personalize exercise prescriptions, and provide strategies for managing pain at home. There are many benefits to these treatments and even more value in beginning your rehabilitation as soon as possible. Waiting until an in clinic appointment is convenient may slow your progress and make it harder to get back to your normal function.