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Trail Running Cross Training

The demands of trail running are significantly different than those of regular running.  Trail running in Colorado many times involves running on uneven rocks, running up a steep incline, running down a steep decline, and running in the elements.  Because many of our trails are at high altitudes we also have to deal with running on snow and Ice for much of the year.  All of these elements make it harder to keep your balance and increases your chances for injury if you are not prepared for the challenges.  To help prepare yourself for the obstacles you need to work on balance, hip and ankle strength, and general running fitness.  I have listed a couple exercises below to help you get ready for trail running.  Check our video section for examples of these exercises.

Single leg balance while spelling the alphabet with your hands

Skaters (and jumping skaters)

Long lunges

Running lunges

Combine these with a running program to help you maintain injury free trail running.

Jamie Bovay, DPT, CSCS