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What do you think of Crossfit?


Crossfit is an exercise trend (or lifestyle) that has exploded the past three years.  There is plenty of press, articles, journals both good and bad about crossfit.  However, there is no denying the results.  I think the truth as in most things lies somewhere in the middle.  As with any exercise, if you jump into crossfit with no background and without doing any other exercise program your chances of injury are higher.  Although, I would put yoga, running, soccer, and pretty much any other sport or activity in this same category.

Crossfit is based on a high intensity program, designed to be completed in a short period of time.  It uses a variable workout structure to keep participants getting results and their bodies guessing.  This creates decreased workout time and fast results.  

As a physical therapist, I’m often asked what I think about crossfit.  My answer is if you have a base line of fitness and are motivated this CAN be an excellent workout program for you.  Assuming you have no major injuries or health concerns this can be an excellent way to work out if you enjoy it!