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When should I get an MRI?

Doctor examining MRI images

With today’s accessibility to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) we are able to more accurately diagnosis different injuries within the body. Having access to these images helps to guide our physical therapy treatments and focus on the cause of the symptoms. But when is it necessary to have an MRI performed?

A majority of patients seen in the clinic assume that without an MRI being done they will never fully know the extent of the injury. The truth is that Physical Therapists are trained in school to diagnose most musculoskeletal injuries. The combined efforts of the Orthopedic Doctor and Physical Therapist can, in most cases, provide enough information about the injury not only to diagnose the injury but also treat the symptoms successfully.

MRI’s can be very costly to a patient in comparison to the cost of physical therapy services. The trained PT’s at Atlas Physical Therapy will be able to recognize when a condition is not improving like it should and can then recommend the patient have an MRI performed.

So when in doubt about any aches or pains, check in with your Physical Therapist first to get back on track before spending your time and money on having an MRI performed.

Lukas Mehling PT, DPT