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Winter weather leads to more falls

Person slipping and falling during Winter

As the weather conditions continue to deteriorate around Denver we see an influx of injuries from people falling. Just because you are young and healthy does not mean that you are safe from falling. A fall, especially on ice or snow can happen very fast, with 1 out of 5 leading to a broken bone or serious injury. Medical costs associated with falls reached $31 billion in 2016 according to the CDC.

Two factors that can influence the severity of a fall are footwear and balance:

  1. Most working individuals do not wear shoes that are meant for snow, rather for the conditions in the workplace. Consider buying a pair of winter boots and bring a gym bag for your work shoes.

  2. As we age the receptors for balance in the body start to slow down, making us more unsteady. Here are two easy balance exercises to do during the day to keep you stable on your feet.

Stay safe out there this winter!!!!

Balance for a minute with each foot forward, close eyes to make it more challenging

Perform for 30 seconds on each foot while waiting at the copier or standing in line