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About Us 

Atlas Physical Therapy, operators of three clinics providing physical therapy in Denver, CO, is focused on healing your joint and muscle injuries and providing rehabilitation that gets you back to enjoying your life.

With all our physical therapists equipped with doctoral degrees and many with special certifications, we are distinguished as well for our success in treating back pain in Denver.

Because our therapists are also active outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the natural beauties of Denver, we are aware that many of our patients have the same interests and don’t want to be compromised by pain and injuries such as orthopedic issues and low back pain. That’s why our emphasis is on providing one on one care to get you back to your normally active life as quickly as possible.

patient receiving massage therapy to treat back pain

We successfully treat back pain problems in our four Denver clinics

  • Our goal is to get you back on track as quickly as possible by offering the latest scientific approaches to issues that once were chronic and compromised the quality of life of our patients;
  • To accommodate your busy life, we offer convenient and extended appointment hours;
  • Our physical therapy locations include Denver Congress Park, Denver Downtown and Stapleton.

Each of our Physical Therapy Clinics offer:

  • Professional and courteous care, in a caring relaxed environment;
  • Convenient and extended appointment hours;
  • New patients scheduled quickly - usually the same day;
  • On-time appointments, with very short or no wait times;
  • 4 convenient locations >> in Denver: Congress Park, Downtown, Highlands, and Central Park
  • Free parking (except Downtown location).

Clinical Care

  • Superior outcomes;
  • Fewer visits;
  • Doctoral level therapists;
  • Hands-on techniques to expedite your recovery;
  • Joint manipulation;
  • Massage for comfort;
  • Dry needling;
  • Exercise: Focused and manageable to meet your individual needs.

Our Mission to Serve Patients with Back Pain and Other Injuries in Denver

Our mission and goal is to help every Patient heal quickly and safely, with the education and knowledge and inspiration to STAY HEALTHY even after our care.

Atlas, a figure from Greek Mythology, is a symbol of strength, endurance, and fitness. At Atlas Physical Therapy, we use focused exercise programs and manual (hands-on) techniques to achieve these goals to help you recover stronger and faster. Since all of our physical therapists are doctoral level trained, we are able to achieve outcomes that are consistently ranked in the top 10 (90th percentile and above) nationwide per FOTO Inc. (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes), the most widely used outcomes database used by physical therapists in the U.S. 

At Atlas Physical Therapy, we believe that just as exercise makes for a stronger and healthier body; equality, diversity, and inclusion make for a stronger and healthier workplace and world. We are committed to cultivating a space here at Atlas that allows for employees and patients of all genders, backgrounds, affiliations, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations to be not only welcome, but celebrated and empowered. We strive to accomplish this through hiring practices, workplace culture, and continued education.

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