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Recover faster and stronger with Atlas Physical Therapy

We're confident that we can get you back in action FAST!  How can we make that claim?  For over the last 3 years Atlas Physical Therapy has been part of an ongoing survey that compares the results (outcomes) of physical therapy clinics nationwide.  We are proud to be consistently ranked amongst the best physical therapy clinics across the nation with 90th percentile or better results. 

So when we say “We’re Good!” we really have the data to back it up!  Not only are our results superior to our competitors, but we achieve these results in fewer visits, which means savings for you

Our staff, doctors, and therapists are friendly, compassionate, listen to your needs, and help in every way to make your experience a postive one so you can heal quickly, and stay healthy longer.

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Every one of our Physical Therapists is Doctorate Level Trained, allowing for amazing patient results above other Physical Therapy clinics in the Denver Area.  We specialize in all areas of recovery, including:

Knee Pain

Back Pain and Neck Pain

Bulging Disc

Rotator Cuff

Knee Replacement Therapy

Auto Injury

Surgery Recovery

If you are not sure about how to manage your health condition, chronic or acute pain, auto accident recovery, or surgery recovery, please call us for a consultation at (303) 832-3700, our friendly staff will be glad to help you better understand your options.

Denver Physical Therapy UPTOWN
Image: Atlas Physical Therapy in Denver Uptown - Physical Therapist with patients

Denver Physical Therapy DOWNTOWN
Image: Atlas Physical Therapy in Denver Downtown - Owner Karl Bebendorf with patient

Stapleton Physical Therapy
Image: Physical Therapy in Stapleton Area - Physical Therapist Alex Lanton with patient

The "Atlas Physical Therapy Advantage"
We are easy to work with, and convenient for your needs:

  • 3 Denver locations – Uptown, Stapleton and Downtown
  • Extended hours
  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • We accept most insurances
  • Parking is free and convenient (Uptown and Stapleton only)

Top 10 physical therapists in Denver, CO
Alex Lanton's Atlas Physical Therapy Practice in Stapleton has been awarded as one of the top Physical Therapy practices in Denver, 2015.
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Atlas Physical Therapy in Uptown Denver

1201 E. 17th Ave #201
Denver, CO, 80207
Phone 303.832.3700
Fax 303.832.3712

Atlas Physical Therapy in Stapleton

3401 Quebec St #5005
Denver, CO, 80218
Phone 303.322.4900
Fax 303.322.4909

Atlas Physical Therapy in Downtown Denver

621 17th St #2030
Denver, CO, 80293
Phone 720.277.3910
Fax 720.630.8197